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Musings of an audiophile

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Work toils on Jul. 29th, 2009 @ 04:55 pm
Working on putting together a festival of some kind.

Sent out a few emails already, and have already had some positive responses.

Now to figure out a location for this thing.

Norcal Synthfest is started....now who wants to work on this with my crew????

News To Share - Also... Yay! Jul. 27th, 2009 @ 10:35 am
Dan Clark sent a message to the members of DLVNmedia.

Subject: DLVN Dark Clan release done being mixed...

"The upcoming DLVN Media release "Goths on a Boat," by The Dark Clan, is now done and awaits only artwork. It'll be going into mastering this week. Goths on a Boat features guest performances by Jim Warchol of midwest shoegazer heroes Sometimes Sweet Susan and Donna Lynch of Ego Likeness. A full press release will be issued as soon as the cover art is ready to be posted. Stay tuned!"

Logo Designed! Jul. 26th, 2009 @ 05:17 pm
As well as figuring out a few things for a secret project in the works

More on this project later.

Working away Jul. 26th, 2009 @ 03:47 pm
Finishing up some design stuff for DLVN with Jeff...still have a million things to do...but this is a step that needs to be finished before I am able to do anything else in regards to the label and other shows....

Le sigh.

Win! Jul. 24th, 2009 @ 01:06 pm
Other entries
» A Note Of Thanks
I am taking a moment out of my day to say thank you to a select few people that are helping and help make DLVNmedia do what it does. Since everyone knows me (as the most public face) I thought I should point out the people behind the scenes that do the heavy lifting as it were and the person/people that inspire me to do this in general. :)

Jeff - lead synth player of the Deephearted as well as my creative director. Other responsibilities include keeping me on schedule and being my "Voice of reason" for the million bad ideas that I come up with every 10 minutes. If you like the visual design of my live flyers as well as the old club flyers, this is the man to talk to.

Shawn Bryce - Of Bloodwire runs the live sound at all live events that I do, as well as makes sure that the equipment needed is there for us. One of my favorite people to work with because it is so easy. You make me look good my friend. Thank you.

Nina - VP of DLVNmedia as well as the CFO. Nothing I do could be done without her. :)

A special shout out goes to

Matt Fanale aka not_eurotic - Thank you for the inspiration to do what I am trying to do. A very special thanks as well for answering all the million and a half questions that I have thrown your way as well.

Dan Clark aka downrightamazed - Possibly my favorite musician, and a great and funny guy. I have told many of you that you should check out his stuff, as well as buy "The Vampire Wore White" hopefully some of you have, or at least checked out his free CD Perspectives (available here - http://www.thedarkclan.com/perspectives/ ) Dan, was also the first one to sign up with DLVN once I started it, a sure sign that we could be taken seriously in trying to do what we do. You have done so much sir, I appreciate it. :)

Victoria Lloyd aka blinkingtears - The first big name to work with us once we started DLVN. You rock Victoria! SO SO SO looking forward to the show in September!!!!

That is all for now...there will be more posts like these in the future, as this is not a solo venture but a labor of love for all of us involved. If you are on Facebook, I made a DLVNmedia group - feel free to look it up and join. :)

» This is the most fucked up thing I've read in awhile
Stolen from intoner


This is in French, English is on the bottom.

Basically, she has had her daughter taken away because she is a vegan.

Now, I do not want kids, nor am I even close to being a vegan. But to take someones kid away from her over diet choices? I frankly do not understand.
» Hey downrightamazed


Also, any other bands on my Flist as well....It would give me an excuse to pick up the damn game
» A few pics of me being silly with Dave
From Sunday Night



Post upcoming for the next show soon
» Just a reminder
Since I am slammed through Sunday (hopefully I will get to remind overyone at least one more time before then) Cervello is this weekend! Sunday to be exact.

Cervello Flyer

Should be fun...I expect you to be there under penalty of something....

Who is going to be there anyway?
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